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Questions About Our Discreet Urine Warmer? We've got answers.
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Q  Does it get hot?

Sidekicks have a 2mm thick plastic case and get only slightly warm to touch.

Q  Is it better to use natural or synthetic urine?

A Natural urine is best but gets sepsis so it goes bad in a short period of time.  Some synthetic urines are very good and do not get sepsis.  We suggest doing some internet research to determine what is best for you.

Q.Which Sidekick model is best for me?

Unless you must have 3 ounces, we suggest the 2 ounce Mini.  The Mini is considerably smaller and heats faster than the 3 ounce Original.

Q Can I hide it in my pocket?  

A Both models are too big to not be visible in your pocket.  The Mini will hide fairly well in your underwear.  The 3 ounce is probably too big to hide in your underwear.

Q Does the velcro make noise when opening the ankle bag?

Yes it does, but it is avoidable by tucking the bag top inside the bag instead of attaching it to the velcro.

Q How big is it?

A Look at the "Tech Specs" tab for dimensions

Q How fast does it heat up?

Mini heats from room temp to 95 in about 10 minutes, Original takes about 12 minutes.

Q How long do the batteries last?
A They last about 90 minutes in the Mini and 60 minutes in the Original.
Q How do you clean the inside?
Rinse it out with water a few times.  Do not use soaps or cleaners.
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Sidekick products are sold by Kiwi Industries, LLC. Sidekicks are for novelty use only. Follow all federal, state, and local laws when using Sidekick products. Kiwi Industries, LLC is not responsible for your misuse, and/or violation of federal, state, and local laws when using Sidekick products.